Frequently Asked Questions

1What are non-wovens?
Non-wovens are fleeces made out of non woven fibers, which are attached to eachother by thermal connections. Because of this, there is a strong web of plastic fibers, such as polypropylene or polyester. This fleece is suitable for many uses. Non-wovens are produced in different qualities, varying from around 8 grams per m² to 500 grams per m².
2Is Hanovlies® available in different sizes?
Yes, besides the different qualities, Hanvlies® is available in many sizes. The Hanovlies® is delivered in a Z-fold on a scroll. No matter how wide the Hanovlies® scroll is, it won’t be longer than 4.00m. Because of this unique harmonica system, it’s possible to place the scroll on the side of a field, and unroll it. In contrast to our competitors, who fold their fleeces inwards on the scroll. In short, the Z-fold system saves a lot of time and work! The system of the Z-fold is explained at the Z-fold.
3Is the Hanovlies® affected by sunlight?
Hanovlies® is UV-resistant. In contrast to the standard polypropylene fleece, Hanovlies® has a UV-stabilizer added during the production. This stabilizer makes sure that there is no negative influence on the fleece. Without UV-stabilizer, the influence of sunlight can cause holes in the fleece.
4What is Class 100?
For many industries, it’s very important that the protective clothing of the employees doesn’t release any particles on the product. Class 100 is a substance classification. This classification is based on the maximum substance concentration of the amount of particles which are more than or equal to 0.5 µm, that is allowed per cubic meter of air. Class 100 stands for a maximum of 100 particles of 0.5 µm per cft, and no particles of 5.0 µm are allowed, per cft.
5The product I’m looking for, is not listed on the website. What should I do next?
Besides the standard product range, as mentioned on our website, it’s also possible to order special/customized models of protective clothes. Hanotex International BV has it’s own workshop, in which we produce the requested products. This gives us a possibility to accommodate to all the wishes of our customers. Do you need a special product, or a adjustment for an existing model? Hanotex International BV will make a proper model, tuned by your specific wishes.
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