Innovation is the core of our Business. Innovation is about applications. Innovation is about change and novelty. Innovation is about technology and needs.

Open Innovation

We make Customer driven solutions by open innovation in packaging and protecting science.

Customer is application knowledge, supplier is technology knowhow. Hanotex International BV converts your needs into non-woven solutions together with you.

Green innovation

We make responsable solutions by green innovation in enviromental protection.

Hanovlies® and Hanosect®, the environmental solutions for crop protection and chemical replacement. Hanotex International BV protects plants.

Technological innovation

We make new solutions for old problems by technological innovation. We converts technological possibilities into customer oriented solutions for applications like medical, Industrial, agricultural and packaging & protecting art, people, products and plants. Hanotex International BV protects, people, products and plants

We produce all products under your privat label.

> Check the Powerpoint about our customization ( .pdf | 1,94mb )