Hanotex International BV is specialised in converting non-wovens (Hanovlies®) for agricultural applications.

Hanovlies® is made out of 100% polypropylene and is UV stabilised. The fibres are thermally bonded and do not contain chemical compounds. Polypropylene is environment friendly because no hazardous substances are emitted during recycling. Because polypropylene is a breathing material it is very appropriate as an agricultural shield.

On the one hand it is air and water permeable, so the crops will be provided with fresh water and air. On the other hand it gives protection, because insects are not able to penetrate the Hanovlies® and unwished weather influences have less grip on the harvest.

The Hanovlies® will be folded on Z-fold on a roll.


Hanosect® is a net of protection anti-insects for vegetable cultures respecting the following criteria:

  • To prevent the passage of insects
  • Maximum Ventilation associated with a minimal heating effect
  • Permeability sufficient for the chemical treatment
  • Widths adapted to the economic constraints and mechanical
  • Minimal risk of abrasion

HanoSect ® has an intermediate size of pores of 1,5 with 2mm which makes stopping with the insects, a rate of opening of 58%, a weight of 24 g/m2 and a 130 microns thickness.