Cleaning and hygiene


Non-woven towelscrolls are a decent alternative for paper-, and cotton towels. Non-woven has great absorption qualities, and has a soft touch to it. The towelscrolls are delivered in standard with of 23cm, and a standard length of 35m, 40m, 55m, and 60m. If the customer wishes for a non-standard length, we’ll always discuss the possibilities.

Bacterial transfers are reduced greatly this way, because the user only touches the piece of scroll they use, and has no contact with the dispenser, whatsoever. This is what makes the dispensers extremely suitable for drying your hands in a crowded sanitaria in which the emphasis is placed on comfort and hygiene.

Telemetry bags for single use.

Telemetry bags are being used on the heart monitoring sections of every hospital. The bags are being carried by the patients, which enables the telemetry devices to do their measuring. By using the telemetry bag, the patient is free to move unhindered through the hospital.

Cleaningtowels / lintfree towels

The base material for the lintfree cleaning towels is a non-woven, which consists of woodpulp, mixed with polyester, with the ratio of 55% to 45%. The fibers are hydraulically woven together without a chemical-, or thermalbinding being used.


Disposable wappen, 30 layers, color blue-white.

Sticky mats

The sticky mat has 30 layers per mat, with 4 mats per set. The size is 65 by 115 cm.