For almost all branches there are standards and precision work adaptions with non-wovens.
At this moment we know many adaptions in the following branches:

  • Agri-, and horticulture (crop protection like Hanovlies and Hanosect).
  • Road- and housing construction (filtration, drainage, stabilization, and vapor preamble additions).
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare (protective clothing, telemetric and lint-free towels, hairnets, and mouthcovers).
  • Cleaning and hygiene (lint-free cleaning towels, waps, and towelscrolls).
  • Protective adapations for humans and/or products (clothing, covers, and custom made products).
  • Packaging materials (transport of vulnerable materials in diverse branches, and packaging material for museums).
  • Cleanroom adaptations (Class 100 and Sterilization)